Key focuses

Train & Win - "FitDaheim"

“FitDaheim” is a new training programme, based on physiotherapy and ergotherapy. The programme is supposed to promote movement within the target group of senior citizens and function as a prophyla...

The Children's KNEEs Study

The aim of the Children’s KNEEs Study is to analyze altered biomechanical movement strategies in obese children during walking and stair climbing and to develop a specific training program for them.

GAAS - Health literacy amongst teenagers

Gaas aims at developing health literacy of teenagers not in education, employment or training (NEET).


The goal of the AlertnessControl is to develop occupational psychologically relevant and technical organizational measures to enhance the attention and to warn in case demanded.


By the conception of an intelligent and integral approach the project smartBOX wants to revolutionize the growing needs of transport in the field of freight mobility in a time of resource scarcity.

External Evaluation of the project "Babycouch"

Babycouch offers support for pregnant women, nursing mothers and young families. The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences conducts a scientific evaluation of the project.

Usability-Study for MFT Challenge Disc

Usability of the MFT Challenge Disc for senior citizens and basic concept for developing a target group-oriented training device


In the course of this project a set of methods has been developed for evaluating gender and diversity aspects of workplace ergonomics and usability for workers in safety-critical system settings.