Dietetic Research

Within the framework of the research focus Dietetic Research, the Institute of Health Sciences explores topics in connection with preventive and therapeutic activities of dieticians.

In line with the two research areas Health Sciences and Lifelong Learning, Dietetic Research focuses on:

  • applied clinical and patient-oriented research in the sense of the development and evaluation of evidence-based, innovative dietetic assessment, diagnosis, and therapy processes and for the purpose of early detection, disease prevention, and health promotion.
  • education and further training of students in the health professions and support from professional experts through creative teaching concepts and advisory materials as well as concepts for increasing the nutrition-related health competence in the sense of nutrition communication for specific target groups.In both areas, Dietetic Research attaches importance to the development and testing of technical and digital applications in addition to direct communication formats.
  • On behalf of person-centred professional practice that takes a holistic approach to patient treatment, interprofessional collaboration is valued highly within the framework of Dietetic Research. This is achieved through national and international collaborations with health and social professions, practice partners, other universities and further disciplines, and partners from communication studies and technical fields.

In combination with nutrition science and nutrition medicine, the purpose of the research focus Dietetic Research is to contribute to the establishment and expansion of a research infrastructure for dietetics that allows researchers to engage in scientifically sound dietetic and therapeutic action and to demonstrate the effects of dietetic treatments and results of health-promoting activities. The equipment at the St. Pölten UAS makes it possible to dig deeper into the latest methods for the measurement of body composition (Body Composition Lab), for consulting techniques (Consulting Lab), and for individual and community catering (Kitchen Lab).

Key Focus Coordinator

  • Lecturer
  • Department of Health Sciences
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